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Beacon People Solutions, LLC:

Formed in May, 2007, Beacon People Solutions is the “parent company” of maryanneandamy.com. The name and corresponding logo (an illuminated lighthouse) of Beacon People Solutions was carefully considered as they both are representative of the guiding mission of the firm – “To provide guidance and ‘enlightenment’ in the people, leadership and organizational solutions that our clients are looking for.”



Most people think of MBTI as the “four letters of type” such as ESFP or INTJ (there are 16 types in total). However, MBTI is the instrument (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) that was developed by Isabel Briggs Myers and her daughter Katherine Briggs to make the insights of psychological type theory (developed by CJ Jung) understandable by individuals and groups. The MBTI is a highly validated and nuanced tool that provides incredible insights into ones personality preferences.

The MBTI instrument is only a starting point. Passionate about psychological “type” and its broad applications for leadership development, coaching, communication, problem solving and team dynamics to name a few, we invite you to explore the Association for Psychological Type International (APTi) at www.aptinternational.org.


MBTI Master Practitioner:

The “Master Practitioner Credential Program” serves the United States and Canada. It distinguishes individuals who have achieved an advanced level of knowledge related to psychological type and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessment. For more information regarding this program and its pre-requisites and requirements please go to www.mbtimasterpractitioner.org.