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Human Capital Management

October 25, 2007

Our strategic intent in HR at the time was “outperforming through people”,which characterized, in three words, our enthusiastic but somewhat daunting commitment to focus on quickly building the human capabilities of the company and setting a performance standard that was much higher than pure survival. Therefore,the overall strategic intent of HR is to grow the business. We believe that the way we can contribute directly to growing the business is by growing and developing organizations,
along with the people that run and participate in the business. The goals of my position are closely aligned with – in fact, they are – the business goals. So, if the business is missing revenue, I look for all the places where I can directly impact revenue. And if we’re missing revenue, I’m missing my goal.


Leadership Challenge

October 25, 2007

Can you transform a business by transforming its leaders? This was the challenge faced by Hedling telecommunications firm Avaya in 2004. Faced with a tough, highly competitive marketplace and less than optimal scores on it’s employee satisfaction survey, Avaya’s leaders knew they needed nothing less that a cultural transformation to achieve the level of organizational performance they desired. The solution, dubbed The Avaya Leadership Challenge, was a unique collaboration between Avaya’s
Human Resources team, Tuck Executive Education, professors from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, and leadership development experts from Lore International Institute. In this paper we will describe the evolution, execution,
and aftermath of Avaya’s transformational program and the remarkable results it has been able to achieve.